Termeni și Condiții

Tindem să menținem o relație transparentă și de încredere cu utilizatorii noștri. Am stabilit un set de reguli care protejează interesele ambelor părți, și care cuprind condiții și obligații pe care trebuie să le respectăm.

Termeni și Condiții

Any order on our site implies acceptance of the terms and conditions that will be detailed below.

The general terms and conditions will apply to all sales of services by Inovare-Prim S.R.L. (brad name IP HOST Data Center) via the www.innovahosting.net website to the Client. If you do not accept the terms and conditions set forth in this document, do not use IPHOST's website and services. The general terms and conditions are considered accepted by the customer by placing an order with Inovare-Prim SRL and thus entering into legal relations with Inovare-Prim SRL following the confirmation by Inovare-Prim SRL of the order, this represents the service contract that will governs the contractual relationship between the two parties.

In accordance with the legal provisions, we will inform you that you will lose the right to withdraw after the full execution of the contract.


Acceptable Use Policy: Acceptable Use Policy (which may be periodically modified) is published on our website www.innovahosting.net/terms.php

Client: Phisical or legal person performing an Order

Data Center: Inovare-Prim SRL, IDNO 1012600021272 with juridical address Moldova, mun. Chisinau, bd. Ștefan cel Mare și Sfint 171/3, of, 138

Service: any services provided by Inovare-Prim SRL, mentioned in the Order, to be provided by Inovare-Prim SRL, to the Customer.

Order: any services provided by Inovare-Prim SRL, mentioned in the Order, to be provided by Inovare-Prim SRL, to the Customer.

Contract: Order confirmed by the Provider. By processing an order at www.innovahosting.net, the Customer agrees to the Terms and Conditions of the Website. The acceptance of the order by Inovare-Prim SRL is considered completed at the time of confirmation by e-mail. Any order not confirmed by Inovare-Prim SRL will not have the value of a Contract.

Making the order

After selecting the desired services and adding them to your shopping cart, the Customer will pay them according to the detailed payment methods in the Payment Methods section. Customers commit themselves to enter complete, accurate, and real-time data into the form. he registration of the domains is done in accordance with the legislation in force and IPHOST is an authorized reseller for .MD domains. Inovare-Prim SRL can not be held responsible for any damage caused by the provision of incorrect or incomplete information by customers. The Customer agrees to pay the value of our services in advance for the period of time they are provided (monthly or annually).


  • Internet domain registration (.srl, .ro, .ru, .com, .org, .net, .eu, .info, .name, .biz, .me, .co.uk, .org.uk, .me .uk, .uk)
  • Web Hosting
  • VPS (Virtual Private Server)
  • Dedicated servers
  • Collocation
  • Provision of Internet access services in Moldova
  • IT consulting and support services
  • server administration services
  • Reselling web hosting

Details of the features of the services or products can be found on the site in the respective category or we can provide them by phone or e-mail on the basis of a request.

Domain registration and renew

  • Domains are registered for minimum period of one year and maximum period three years.
  • Domains names can not be modified or canceled after activation.
  • On registration domain owner must make sure that provides the right registration informations: Name, Surname, City, Address, ZIP Code, IDNO if required by registrator

Not allowed

It is forbidden to place the following types of software on the VPS hosting: Counter-Strike, GTA, MTA


The rates displayed on www.innovahosting.net are expressed in EURO excluding VAT. The payment is made in MDL at the official rate communicated by the National Bank of Moldova valid on the day of payment. Inovare-Prim SRL has the right to modify the prices displayed on www.innovahosting.net, but also the right to change the characteristics of the packages offered.

Until an order is made, Inovare-Prim SRL reserves the right to change the prices for the services offered through the site at any time and Inovare-Prim SRL does not offer price guarantees or reimbursements in the event of a price reduction or of a promotional offer after the purchase.

Payment methods

Credit card
Payment can be made online with the card in full security. Accepted cards are those issued under VISA and MASTERCARD.
No additional transaction fee is charged.
To ensure security of transactions, www.innovahosting.net uses Victoriabank eCommerce platform. For the correct completion of the transaction, you must provide the card code (all figures in the four groups on the front of the card, no spaces), the expiration date, the name of the holder and the last three digits on the back of the card inscribed on the tape with your signature card, some information may be missing.
Processing of card data is done automatically via Victoriabank eCommerce. Inovare-Prim SRL does not request or store any details regarding your card.

Payment can also be made online via PayPal by using your PayPal account No additional commission fees are charged.

Bank transfer payment (payment order)
Payment by payment order is made only based on the invoice of the account to the payment issued by Inovare-Prim SRL, transmitted by e-mail to the Client.
Processing of the order and delivery of the services will be made after the payment confirmation, in the account below, of the invoice of the issued proforma.
Company: Innovare-Prim S.R.L.
IBAN: MD87ML000000002251417650
opened at Moldindcombank SA
Tax Code: 1012600021272
Regardless of the currency you have in your account, transactions are made in MDL, at your bank's exchange rate.

Time of activation of services

Time is calculated from the moment the money is entered into the bank account Inovare-Prim SRL

Domains: up to 12 hours

SSL Certificates: from 4 hours to 2 weeks, depending on certificate type

cPanel License: instant activation as a 7 day trial version, the license will be applied in 48 hours

Web Hosting: up to 1 minute

VPS Liux: up to 1 minute (additional IP-s may be activation up to 8 hours)

VDS Windows: up to 8 hours

Server Dedicat: up to 8 hours

Service suspension

Inovare-Prim SRL has the right to suspend any service if the service is overdue more than 4 days.

Service termination

Inovare-Prim SRL has the right to delete any data hosted by client on Inovare-Prim SRL equipment if the service is overdue for 30 days.


All services provided by Inovare-Prim SRL has a 10-day moneyback guarantee. (Exception: Domains, cPanel Licenses, SSL Certificated). If you are not completely satisfied with our services in the first 10 days, the price paid will be refunded when a request is made to the billing department, e-mail cont@iphost.md Moneyback guaratee expire in 10 days. Refund is not provided if the customer benefits from a free domain upon purchasing a hosting package.

The money will be returned using the same payment gateway that the client used to pay to Inovare-Prim SRL

Service cancelation

Any service can be canceled from the client area or sending an email at cont@iphost.md.

Services canceled after the moneyback guarantee will not receive refund.

Inovare-Prim SRL or the client may terminate the agreement (without prejudice to any other rights) if one of the parties involved significantly violates the agreement.


Inovare-Prim SRL guarantees an uptime of 99.9%. If the services used do not fall within 99.9% uptime, Inovare-Prim SRL can offer you a free month of services. The free of charge may be requested by contacting the payment department by email at cont@iphost.md and the approval of this request will remain at our company's discretion. Uptime of our servers is defined by the OS reports and our own monitoring system, so it may be different from the uptime reported by other monitoring systems.


The use of services is strictly the responsibility of the clients. Inovare-Prim SRL maintains daily, weekly and monthly backups, but recommends keeping your own backups, given that this service is additionally offered and is free of charge. Even if backups are guaranteed, they can not be fully verified to confirm each file or directory. Inovare-Prim SRL is not responsible for the loss of files and / or information.

Use of services

The services provided by Inovare-Prim SRL will be used only for licit and moral purposes, any activities that may be considered illegal are strictly forbidden. Customer will comply with the Acceptable Use Policy and will ensure that any other entity using the Services will also comply with the Acceptable Use Policy.

Forwarding mass mail, sending messages to a large number of e-mail addresses can be done using our servers or other servers to promote any site hosted on our servers, only in accordance with current legislation. Any referral received will be immediately sent to the customer for the purpose of resolving the issue between the two parties involved (the client and the person who submitted the referral), but Inovare-Prim SRL may resort directly to the suspension or deletion of the service provided in accordance with the magnitude and severity of the complaint.

All services provided by Inovare-Prim SRL are used and managed by the client, and the use of these services is entirely the responsibility of the client, Inovare-Prim SRL having no access or limited access to the information or activities that are carried out and are not liable for the non-observance of the provisions applicable law or infringement of trademark rights by their respective owners.

Inovare-Prim SRL complies with the legal provisions and will respond to any complaints from prejudiced persons or institutions / authorities or organizations, notifications that create at least a reasonable appearance of legality.

Server resources

Please note that VPS hosting, reseller, and VPS servers shared servers, so excessive use of resources for a long time by you or your customers will not be accepted. Accounts that damage our servers will receive a notice to resolve the issue within 3 days as long as the damage is not serious. Otherwise, those accounts may be suspended until the situation is resolved. If the customer fails to address the issues that have been notified to him within 3 days from the date of the notification, Inovare-Prim SRL may at his absolute discretion terminate the contract.

Customer responsibilities

The customer has the responsibility to update the contact information and billing information mentioned in his account. Inovare-Prim SRL does not have any responsibility for any damages caused by the customer's failure to make the necessary updates.

The customer is responsible for maintaining the username, password and other sensitive information. If there is any doubt about this, the client must modify or request modification of the authentication data by contacting the support team.

Inovare-Prim SRL will not be liable for damages caused by the temporary unavailability of our servers, whatever the reason for this. This provision also includes damages resulting from data corruption or loss.

Working hours

The Sales and Finance Department is available Monday Fri 8:00 - 17:00. GMT + 2

Technical Support: 24/7 (phone, chat, tikets, email)

Major force

Neither party shall be liable for non-performance of its contractual obligations if such non-execution is due to a force majeure event in accordance with applicable law.

Applicable law - jurisdiction

The contract is subject to the law of the Republic of Moldova. Any litigation between Inovare-Prim SRL and the Client will be settled amicably or, if this is not possible, the litigation will be settled by the Moldovan courts, Chisinau.

Intellectual property rights

All the materials incorporated in this site are the intellectual property of Inovare-Prim SRL. These materials can not be copied or reproduced. However, complete pages of the site may be printed if they are intended for strictly personal use.

Final provisions

In addition to the terms and conditions shown above, Inovare-Prim SRL, depending on the service purchased by the Client, may conclude additional service contracts, in which case the conditions set forth herein will be valid between the parties. Thus, the Terms and Conditions are a general framework contract that may subsequently be amended by agreement of the parties by signing additional contracts or supplementary agreements.

Inovare-Prim SRL reserves the right to modify its policies and conditions of use of the services without prior notice.

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